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Equipment & Automation

From filling and sealing equipment to labeling and coding solutions, we offer comprehensive automation systems tailored to meet your business requirements. With our packaging automation solutions, companies can significantly reduce labor costs, minimize human error, increase output capacity, and ultimately improve profitability.

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Why WG?

At WG, we are committed to become your experienced long-term partner in finding flexible and tailored packaging solutions that fit your needs and get the job done on time.  The customer experience is job one and we believe that you will find these things stand out about us as your distribution partner.

  • Flexibility

    As a privately held company we appreciate the need to react quick, pivot when necessary and provide solutions of all sizes and fits with businesses.

  • On-Time Delivery

    WG prides itself on timely delivery for all your products and custom service programs. Unlike many, we provide you with a dedicated customer service representative that sits in the trenches with you everyday.

  • Entrepreneurial Speed

    The ability to quickly evaluate opportunities, solve problems, provide options and then provide you with the proposal and the quote to promptly implement. 

  • Technical Skills

    Our senior sales team and our technicians are highly experienced industry veterans who know the territory and are well versed in the most current packaging options, supplies and automation.  

  • Culture & Team

    WG is committed to build long term customer partnerships led and supported by a group of high integrity energized employees with the right values.

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Welch Packaging is privately-owned family of corrugated box manufacturers in the Midwest and Midsouth. As a Welch Company, we rely on our internal network to operate with speed, reliability, and decisiveness.

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